Odd Couple (D) + Dandelion and Burdock (CZ)

3. 4.

Yada Yada tour

Cargo Records, release: 2018

A casual Yada Yada and the Garage rock band Odd Couple is adding a few more diamonds to their eclectic kaleidoscope. For people pigeonholing the Berlin formation is not the right pick. The East Frisian experts for weird pairings are now officially a trio and
continue to innovate the German rock genre in a nonchalant way.
Neue Deutsche Welle, Glam, Space and Krautrock get mixed with
emphatic Zeitgeistlyrics and transform the daily grind of
Generation Y into experimental cosmic escapes. Whilst Kreft acts
like the ideal stand-in for a revival of The West Coast's Pop Art
Experimental Band, Dehn sounds half Kravitz, half Kilmister and
wild card Schulze adds the right pinch of madness on top of this.
This garage is ready for take-off!


pořádá It's not broken it's vintage