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Z náhlých zdravotních důvodu museli Crystal Soda Cream zrušit dnešní vystoupení v garážích. Večer ale nerušíme a nahradí je Pocahontas and the Noose!

postpunk — Vienna — (AT)

Vídeňská post-punková kapela Crystal Soda Cream se po téměř roce vrátí do Prahy. 6. dubna zahraje v Kasárnách Karlín. Line-up doplní Johnny the Horse.

Welcome welcome, take a dive.
" On their by now 4th release CRYSTAL SODA CREAM yet again prove to know how to pull out all the stops: shimmering cold & toxic, passionate & sharp tongued, claustrophobic & elegantly wasted with usual aplomb. This time in addition: bilingual - english & german! By revealing "Work & Velocity" this Vienna threesome bears a distinct breed of post punk, that is not just a zealous reflection of the cold, old days in a cloudy mirror, much rather CSC manage to forge a bridge between a thoroughly thought through reminiscence of stylistic device and the framing of a paramountly contemporary statement. So why mention Rowland S. Howard, Geisterfahrer or Au Pairs?
There's an intrinsic unity of raw power in the way CRYSTAL SODA CREAM write and perform their songs. Like a golden thread. Anger shoved impulsivity collides with musingly droopy frigidity in hover flight. Gritty-fierce velveteen, all coated in wafts of mist. "Work & Velocity"'s harmony arises from nuanced frictions and directed disharmonies 
Stop making sense! Erode command and control! „


+ afterparty: Soyre ( RARE ) 

entry: 180 CZK


pořádá It's not broken it's vintage

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