Night on Earth (FR, GE, UK, USA, JAP)


Night on Earth
Jim Jarmusch— FR, DE, UK, USA, JAP
1991—129 mins.— English with Czech subtitles

A collection of five vignettes, connected by the space of the taxi and bizarre taxi drivers - Corky (Winona Ryder) in LA who prefers to be a mechanic than an actress, an East-German immigrant Helmut who gets lost in New York City, nameless driver (Isaach de Bankolé) who imagines being blind in Paris, Gino (Roberto Benigni), the Roman eccentric who confesses his weird sexual life to a priest, and Mika (Matti Pelonpää), who tells his drunken passengers the saddest story on Earth. "In a film when someone takes a taxi, you see them get in, then there’s a cut, then you see them get out. So in a way, the content of this film is made up of things that would usually be taken out." (Jim Jarmusch)

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