Ice cinem – Short films (CZ, SK, HU, PL, SI, HR) 2014 – 2015

19. 1.

Skaters, please, pay extra attention during the projection! Thank You!

Short films (CZ, SK, HU, PL, SI, HR) 2014-2015, 69 mins. 

Projection on canvas directly above the ice rink. Admission free. Projection is only paid when entering the ice rink at a standard price: 40 CZK

A series of short animated films from Central Europe, including the Academy Award nominated Happy Endu by Jan Saska. Western grotesque, abstract experiment, fairy tale and black comedy. Eleven pictures will convince you that animation is not just for the lamb!



 Cowboy Land, black and white animation

(SR) 2015, 5 mins

Dávid Štumpf


 Płoty – Fences, black and white animation

(PL) 2015, 7 mins.

Natalia Krawczuk



(SL) 2015, 4 mins., non camera animation

Mitja Manček



Rzeki – Rivers

(PL) 2014, 3 mins., puppet film

Režie: Daria Kopiec




(HU) 2015, 10 mins., stop-motion film, combined technique (pixilation, puppetoons)

Milán Kopasz


Mozaika, walc śledziony – Mosaic, the waltz of spleen

 (PL) 2015, 4 mins., color animation

Andrea Guizar


Vučje igre – Wolf games

(HR) 2015, 5 mins., 16+, color animation 

Jelena Oroz



A nyalintás nesze – The Noise of Licking)

(HU) 2015, 9 mins., digital animation 

Nadja Andrasev



Mese – Tale)

(HU) 2014, 8 mins., animation

Attila Bertóti


The More I Know

(ČR) 2015, 8 mins., color animation

Marek Náprstek



Happy End

(ČR) 2015, 6 mins., black and white film

Jan Saska