Den se sloním ginem

26. 5.

Can a drink change the world? Probably not, but it can do its bit to help. Both, elephants and bartenders adore gin and tonic that is now served in Kasárna Karlín. Why would a person fall in love with Elephant Gin after the very first sip is clear – because of its exceptionally refreshing taste. Elephant Gin also supports elephant conservation, by giving 15 % of each bottle sold to their partners in Africa fighting elephant poaching.

We decided to support this admirable cause and therefore we are going to unite our efforts and donate 50 CZK (€2) from each Elephant Gin tonic sold on Tuesday directly to Big Life Foundation, one of the partners of Elephant Gin. On this day, no other gin tonics are going to be served and there is also going to be a money box for direct contributions. The drinking will be accompanied by DJ with her exotic tapes.

Let's get trunk for a good cause!