Dominik Gajarský: Lyrics

15. 12. — 11. 2.
od 18.00

Dominik Gajarský: Lyrics
Text: Michal Pěchouček
15. 12. 2017 - 11. 2. 2018
opening 15. 12. 2017, at 6 PM

"You’re an image of your actions
false perfections
new Ermenegildo Zegna suit
scratched in the scissor door
you’re burning in your
black Lamborghini Aventador" D.G.

The very principle of Dominik Gajarský’s works is the natural need for a vivid relationship between various art types and also pointing out the complexity of their interconnection, which is so easy to overlook. Gajarský is concerned with film, literature, theatre, fine arts, and music. Yet, I would be hesitant to call Gajarský a multimedia artist, since he lacks a certain innovative fury or hunger for experiment, which is inherently associated with it. It is typical of Gajarský to fight on multiple frontlines, while staying true to artistic genres and employing almost hygienic – yet all the more powerful and contagious – frugality of resources. Some time ago, I already
complimented him in my text on one of his exhibitions on his purist mindset, observation shyness, and the ability to censor what still can be shown and, as regards that exhibition, what still can be written and published.

The exhibition titled Lyrics, which Gajarský created for Karlín Studios, is centred around fragments of his original song lyrics. The content of these language miniatures are delusions of daydreaming, states of a sensory stroke that produces motivational remarks about courageous feats, and a tendency to melancholic observation of and commenting on seemingly trivial situations. Here, the building blocks are distinctive details that prettify or revive nothing – they merely speak to their addressee through their presence, which seems ridiculously and pathetically inevitable just like the physical dimension in love poetry.
Michal Pěchouček.

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