David Vojtuš: X3 + Justyna Górowska: 69

27. 4. — 3. 6.

27. 4 - 3. 6. 2018

David Vojtuš' s exhibition refers to his latest projects where he worked with PVC-filled bags. This time however his attention focuses on the clear surface of these plastic objects, which turns into linocut matrix. Despite the considerable visual shift, however, Vojtuš repeatedly develops the theme of deconstruction of his acquired artistic skills. 


27. 4 - 3. 6. 2018

Justyna Górowska: 69

Justyna Gorowska is a performance artist whose practice is focused on reconciliation of the post-humanistic condition. Her practice explores a new model of living where humanity can evolve past its privileged place in the universe.” Delicate, precious objects, videos, installations and performances are founded upon the belief that culture creates humans, that culture is but another level of nature created in evolution. Art is biological.


start: 27. 4. 19.00