Opening Hours—

Mon–Fri 13.00–23.30
Sat–Sun 10.00–23.30

Opening Hours: Bar Garages—

Mon–Fri 16.00–23.30

Sat–Sun 15.00–23.30

Opening Hours: Bar Myčka—

Mon–Sun 17.00–23.30

Opening Hours: Café Pool—

Mon–Fri 13.00–21.30
Sat–Sun 10.00–21.30


Prvního pluku 20/2—entrance for pedestrians

Vítkova 9—entrance for vehicles (only for suppliers and organisers of events upon previous agreement)

186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín



Reservation of café tables are possible up to 15 people.

Our club can be used as a venue for conferences or corporate events.

Reservation of the whole café is not possible, as well as the tables around Prastánek.



general questions—


– Do you want to organize an event here?

Viktorie Aldabaghová, Michaela Švandová, production—

Magdalena Sládková, production—big events and cooperation with third parties—

Diana Vávrová, production—theatre and conferences—

Matěj Velek, production


Music and Booking

– Do you want to stage a concert or do you want to ask about our music programme?

Markéta Janderová, production and dramaturgy—


Marketing a PR

– Do you want to contact us about marketing or PR?

Ondřej Sliš, social media and media communication—

Dorota Velek, main photographer



– Do you have questions or points to discuss about the film programme or would you like to stage a film projection of your own here?

Simona Darulová, cinema manager—

Jan Touš, dramaturgy—



– Do you want to stage a play here?

Diana Vávrová, production—


Café and Bars

– Do you want information about our café or bars?

Michaela Hrstková, main barista and the café manager—

Alice Mirovská, the bars manager—



– Do you want to participate in a ping pong match or would you like to know something about beach volleyball?

Natálie Dvořáková—


Karlin Studios Gallery

– Do you want to know more about the programme of the Karlin Studios gallery?

Caroline Krzyszton, curator—


Prague Breakin School

– Do you want to know more about the school?

Honza Pentifull, school founder—