ba:zel (křest alba)

15. — 16. 12.
od 19.00

After over six years witch-wave duo ba:zel has released their second full length studio album. "WE" is out on local eclectic electronic label XION and is a manifesto for an overwhelming era with dystopia ever on the horizon.
Out on limited edition vinyl, come get it 🐍
Special guests & dear friends Dead Western (USA) & SKY (PL) have been invited for all of our sonic pleasure 💗
CU ~~~~~
Presale: 250 CZK
Door: 300 CZK

ba:zel (PL/CZ)
Bass to swoon over, beats to sway and trip to, & punctures of flute and bass guitar with witchy vocals.

Dead Western (USA)
A post modern troubadour serenading you over the sea perched on a cliff. Dead Western is Troy Mighty, hailing from California and based in Berlin. You don't want to miss his deeper than deep voice & sweet strummin.

Crushing sadness locked up in swarming synths and thudding kicks with heartbreakingly fragile vocals echoing across ruptured clouds.