Balagan /D/ + Old Folks House

14. 10.
od 19.00

Bugr, garage punk, pouštění desek.


The word ‘balagan’ translates from Polish and Hebrew to ‘a mess’. Icelandic/Tel Aviv trio Balagan have been hiding in practice rooms in East Berlin over the last year, fine tuning their mighty sonic maelstrom. Their own romantic but hard hitting brand of ‘balagan’ is a heartfelt slice of proto punk that’s been sending crowds in Berlin venues into a frenzied fury.

Balagan is a pure passion project for Jalal, Dagur, Rennert - all members of other bands including Haxxan, Plastic Gods and Haangli. Finding a deep romance in the chaos they create together, they’re ready to release their self-titled debut five-track EP.

Recorded during one rainy day with Pablo Theirmann at Berlin’s former GDR broadcasting centre turned recording studio, the legendary Funkhaus, the EP is being released on the fresh blooded label ROOF WOOD REC. Balagan’s debut EP release is available on limited edition 12" one-sided vinyl with a special hand printed cover and will be followed by a full-length debut LP which is already in the works for release later in 2017.


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