Voodoo Beach (DE) + ±0

21. 10.
od 19.00

Nejtemnější z říjnových koncertů v Kasárnách. Český postpunk a německá psychedelie. 

Psych-blues outfit stranded in Berlin. Sharing their love for various bands such as Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star and Sonic Youth, Verita (voc./guit.) and Josephine (drums) started the band in 2014. They soon teamed up with Ignacy (guit.) and John (bass) forming a four-piece line up with an unique style of Psychedelic Rock dipped in a sea of bluesy LoFi sounds: Hypnotizing bass lines combined with dark, minimalistic drumbeats push forward while droning guitar riffs and vocals create a floating mood, wrapping you up in a mystic vibe.




afterparty: Voodoo Beach DJ set

vstup/entry : 120,–